2022 Bulletin on Quebec Social Legislation


We are proud to present this 48th edition of the SSQ Bulletin on Quebec Social Legislation. It outlines the terms and conditions of the various federal and provincial social assistance programs in effect this year. These programs provide basic financial and physical security for the entire population.
Over the years, SSQ Insurance has evolved in response to social changes, customer needs and the realities faced by the organizations and individuals it insures. Through changing times, one thing remains constant: our desire to uphold the values of solidarity and community, which have guided our actions since the beginning and continue to inspire us.
Offering solutions that complement these public programs is one of our missions. Every day, we find innovative solutions to better serve the interests of our plan members and customers. Relevant and adapted products, excellent and attentive service, an unwavering devotion to reinvention: this is how our Company continues to help its customers plan for their future and protect their financial assets throughout their lives.

Read up on the changes for 2022 and find out what is available to you and your family in the following categories;

  • Employment Insurance Act
  • Act Respecting Parental Insurance
  • Canada Child Benefit
  • Family Allowance
  • Act Respecting Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases
  • Automobile Insurance Act
  • Quebec Pension Plan
  • Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan
  • Old Age Security Act
  • Health Insurance Act
  • The Public Prescription Drug Plan
  • Hospital Insurance Act
  • Individual and Family Assistance Act
  • Act respecting Labour Standards
  • Tax Impact of Group Insurance

Download the 2022 Bulletin on Quebec Social Legislation