Intro to Segregated Funds

Investing your money is an effective way to put your money to work and build your wealth. By investing smart, it helps give you more flexibility to earn more on your money, build more security for your retirement, and ultimately give you the chance at achieving your financial goals and dreams. However, investing comes with risks. Segregated funds can help prevent these risks!

Segregated Funds:
Investing with peace of mind

Segregated Funds allow you to invest your money and help grow your wealth but also gives you peace of mind knowing that you have protection against uncertainty.

Unlike other investment options, segregated funds give you features that aren’t found in the typical investments (ex. Mutual funds, stocks and GICS):

  • Guarantees on your principal – money you invest is guaranteed up to 75% or 100% upon maturity and death
  • Reset Options – lets you lock-in market gains that can increase the amount payable upon maturity or death
  • Bypass probate – death benefits paid directly to named beneficiary instead of your estate ensures privacy and helps avoid the lengthy and costly process of going through probate
  • Potential creditor protection – by designating a qualified beneficiary, investments may be exempt from creditors in the event of bankruptcy or litigation

Who are Segregated Funds for?

  • Pre-retirees looking for wealth accumulation but want to avoid potential losses with maturity and death guarantees
  • Individuals looking to preserve their legacy and transfer their estate in a timely, private, and cost-effective manner
  • Business owners looking for creditor protection planning
  • Anyone who wants the ability to achieve the same type of investment returns as mutual funds but with the security and protection in knowing that their money is protected against any uncertainty

Segregated Funds vs Mutual Funds

Product FeaturesSegregated
Deposit GuaranteesYesNo
Capital growth protectionYesNo
Investment Flexibility and DiversificationYesYes
Potential Creditor ProtectionYesNo
Estate ProtectionYesNo
Lower FeesNo – given the cost to cover guaranteesYes
Registered account optionsYesYes

Investing helps you be more secure and confident about your financial situation. It is not a one-day initiative but rather a continuous long-term activity. The earlier you start investing, the more well-equipped you’ll be in the future. I wish to work together with you and help put the roadmap in place that will help guide you towards your financial goals. Let’s get started!