What is a recession?

Credit: iA Financial Group Signs of a potential recession are increasingly circulating in the public space. Here are some insights to help you understand this economic phenomenon. Are we heading into a recession? Although it has not been confirmed, many indicators and various experts in the field are predicting a recession over the short or…

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Rising interest rates and your finances in 5 questions

credit: iA Fiancial Group Here’s a few answers to questions you may have about the effects of rising interest rates on your personal finances. Why are interest rates rising? When inflation rises rapidly, it creates a cascade of price increases, the main effect of which is that the value of your money decreases, and so…

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Dollar Cost Averaging

If market volatility has caused you to transfer your money into GICs or cash, you may want to ask yourself if you are still on track to meeting your personal goals. Whether it’s saving for retirement, a home, or a child’s education, keeping money in a lower-earning investment option may not give you the growth…

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Staying the course

Sometimes the hardest decision is taking no action at all While equity markets have risen strongly over time, they’ve encountered occasional declines along the way. Volatility may cause a bumpy ride … but isn’t that true of most things in life? Market timing typically fails. The worst-performing days are often followed closely by the best…

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Where do we go from here?

When markets fall, the next peak usually isn’t far away Bear markets can be brutal… But bull markets have a history of charging back. S&P/TSX Composite Index: Bull and Bear Market Returns,1977-20221 “The TSX grew 96.71% since the COVID bottom in 2020 to the most recent peak on 3/29/2022. The index then fell 17.02% to…

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Incorporating Inflation into Financial Planning

Posted by Peter Wouters Sep 20, 2022 5:00:37 PM Directeur, Planification fiscale et successorale et planification de la retraite, Gestion de patrimoinePlacements Empire Vie

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4 estate planning tips

4 estate planning tips 1. Make a will 2. Appoint an executor 3. Think about the fiscal impacts 4. Discuss it Nobody likes to think about death or the burden it often represents for those we leave behind.Yet, it is important to be ready. Don’t postpone this important task―the decisions you have to make won’t…

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Time in the market not timing the market

The ride up is usually bigger than the ride down

It’s human nature to be more emotionally sensitive to falling markets, but it’s not always logical. It’s natural for markets to move up and down over time, and the average length of a rising (bull) market is much longer than a declining (bear) market, where gains in a bull market often far exceed losses in…

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Job A or Job B?

You have been offered a job and must pick between two different compensation structures. Which one are you choosing? Job A will pay you $80,000/year while working and $0 if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness. Job B will pay you $78,500/year while working and $53,000 (tax-free) if you are…

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New job? Review your life insurance

Starting a new job or changing careers is one of those important times when you need to review your life insurance options.

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