ESG Investing

More and more, Canadians want their investments to reflect their personal values and we want our investments to have an impact for positive change in the world. 

There are many approaches to responsible investing, including:

  • Climate change
  • Women in leadership
  • Community development
  • Excluding fossil fuels, weapons, and vices

Companies that perform well on environmental, social and governance screens may also experience higher profitability and lower volatility. It’s entirely possible to do well by doing good.

How can you choose responsible investment funds? Providers of investment funds use a variety of approaches to incorporate values-based responsible investing into their investment processes. As an independent financial advisor, I can recommend investment funds that invest in companies who:

  • promote environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprint
  • foster social justice and responding to concerns of local communities
  • have an independent board of directors and a diverse management team

If you’d like to review your portfolio and discuss how ethical or values-based funds might fit in your portfolio, please contact me or book a meeting