What happens if you die in debt?

By Kevin Press, I’ve been travelling a little bit over the last couple of weeks, presenting the findings of our 2013 Sun Life Canadian Unretirement™ Index. One section in particular — on our attitudes about debt and retirement planning — has triggered discussion. A couple of highlights: When asked to name their top financial…

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Preserve your legacy

BY David Wm. Brown Many people spend countless hours worrying about debts, mortgages and, should they die, the ability of their dependents to generate income. With enough money, you can set aside these worries, confident in what you’ve built. However, wealth brings its own set of problems, among them large tax bills and uncertain asset…

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The Importance of a Life Insurance Agent

Life insurance is a major financial commitment. Just as you seek out expert advisors for other financial needs ­ bankers, stockbrokers, and the like – your choice of a life insurance agent is a key decision. Your life insurance agent plays an important role in the financial planning process. He or she: Helps you assess…

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